Sunday, June 5, 2011

Phases of my newest Faces painting for Nancy

Here is the first touch of the canvas for my newest Faces painting for Nancy. I took pictures of my work about every five days.

This was taken 05202011
This was taken 05242011
This is how she looks
And this one was taken on 06052011.

Here are pictures of Yet in progress. Yet is a temporary title. I have thought of calling her, Woman with a Tree Coming out of Her Head.

This was taken on 05202011.
This one on 05252011.
This is Yet as of 05302011.
And this is Yet as of 06052011.
And this is a life story painting called Lake View. This is as of 06052011.
There are a few others I haven't posted. One is a surprise. I'll post it after it's finished.

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