Sunday, June 5, 2011

Euthanization of Animals in Hot Zone in Fukushima Japan April and May 2011

Because farmers were worried about their animals they were sneaking back onto their farms to feed them and give them water. Putting themselves in serious danger of radiation contamination. A decision was made by the government to euthanize all of the contaminated animals, including family pets to keep the farmers from coming back to rescue and feed them.
In This Approach There Are No Check Points. Radiation is reading higher than the counters can guage.

Euthanizing Life Stock in Hot Zone in Fukushima Japan

As Team Gets Closer the Geiger Counter Detecting Radiation Goes Higher
Even though everyone is speaking Japanese in this video you can clearly understand what has happened and how far reaching the radiation contamination goes in Fukushima.

GreenPeace Representatives read Radiation Contamination Count at over 2000 Counts Per Second, CPS with normal being around 30. People have not been evacuated from this area.

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