Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where's My Arm?

We were having a family get together and as I was getting out of my car and as I turned to see the beautiful faces of people I love I went to close the door of my car. I did not see or have any sense of attachment to my arm, which was still inside my car. Just in time I stopped myself from slamming my arm in the door.

The interesting thing about this brain injury stuff and the way my brain doesn't read what is going on around me is that I also have no sense of attachment to my limbs. I know they are there and I can feel my arms and legs but I have no actual sense of awareness of them unless they are in my line of vision.

So when I was outside of the car and had turned around to to say hi to my family I had already started to close the car door. And that was when I saw that my hand was resting on the back of the seat and my arm was still inside the car. And that was when I became aware of it being there. I had absolutely no awareness of my arm until I saw it there.

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