Sunday, May 1, 2011

Radiation Doesn't Make the World Go Round ~ It Goes Round the World

A very informative video on where the radiation goes when it enters the atmoshere. Lots of sites shared where you can access information on your own.
JAIF Link and Radiation Data - A Great Resource

Ever since the disasterous radiation contamination in the environment after the Tsunami hit Japan and the subsequent nuclear power plant explosions; I have been wondering how the vast amounts of radiation that have been released into the atmosphere will affect the weather. We had such a strange thunderstorm recently and I was thinking, I wonder what affect the radiation would have in the atmosphere when it swirls around in a storm front and becomes eletrically charged by lightening.

And then we had one of the worst series of tornadoes in our weather recorded history.

Here are some interesting YouTube clips on the tornadoes many in Alabama did not survive.
Satellite Images of Storm Cells Moving Across USA
No Audio With This First Video

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