Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Book Reading at Adler School of Professional Psychology Chicago

This is the link for my first book reading and book signing at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. I am so grateful my daughter took this video so I can share a bit of what it was like to take this next very significant step down the road. It's the real deal.

This was such a wonderful experience!

Here are some pics...

When I walked in my son Steve was playing the sitar.

This is a video my daughter Rebekah took of me talking with Nicole, who organized this event with the Adler and it is a view of the gallery with my artwork displayed beautifully.

This is a picture of me while reading from Down the Road.

My sister took some reallly good videos too but they are too large for YouTube to upload so I'm going to see if I can edit them and share those with you soon.

It was so lovely to have special visits with the audience during the book signing.

And it was especially great to have my family and dearest friends there too.


  1. ...elated to see all of these wonderful things happening for you...miss you dearly...