Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cherry Blossoms Robins Bird Baths Coco and Tea

It was a sunny morning. After several days of rain it was nice to wake up and feel the warmth the sun had left on my akita service dog Coco's back. She stayed outside in the backyard a little while longer than usual. Silently, she came to the gate when she saw me. Her beautiful brown and raw sienna eyes told me to reconsider going back in the house. It was after all a beautiful morning. So I fixed a cup of tea and joined her. She stretched out, contentedly and enjoyed rubs and scratches and everything about the day.

I got to thinking about how amazing she is. How much I love akitas. And this carried my thoughts to Japan. And again my heart felt love streaming from it for the people there. For the akitas there. And I started thinking about how beautiful spring must be there.

And wondered how would I write a haiku about the crane and the cherry blossoms and the way its delicate peddles drifted in the air and fell into the stream below to an unimaginable abundance of peace and beauty. And I wondered how the people who last year, would have been thinking about the promise of spring and its bounty, were doing. Were they okay? Were they worried? Were they inside? Would the crane return this spring? Would the cherry blossoms fall on the streams and bring joy into people's hearts there? And I wondered how all of this could be put into three stanzas?

When I came inside I noticed the winds from a recent thunderstorm must have knocked over my bird bath. It is plastic and the bowl of it is cracked. Some one was throwing it away. Most of the best things I have some one was throwing away. And then I took a moment and thanked some one.

And I got to thinking maybe birds weren't coming to the bird bath because it was wobbly. So I dug a little area and centered the bird bath and cleaned the extra stirring bowl that I put in it and filled it with clean water. Or at least, I tell myself it is clean. It comes out of the faucet.

When I was reading I noticed a Robin was drinking out of the bird bath. All it needed was a little safety. It needed to be able to stand on the edge of something and get a grip and know it could reach down and drink some water.

I think that is what we all need. Some times we just need a little stability so we can get a grip.

The mind is an amazing thing. The way it moves around and swirls like water, picking up random thoughts and carrying them through life like cherry blossoms traveling down stream.

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