Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan: Food Contamination

What we don't know about radiation contamination is....
a lot.

Concerns about food contamination in Japan

An article about radiation exposure and food contamination in Japan.

What most people don't understand about nuclear physics is that every element of existence is, in a sense, nuclear energy. Everything is made of atoms with a nucleas. There are protons and neutrons and electrons and all kinds of even tinier stuff than those and they are all swirling and reacting and bouncing off of each other all of the time.

Like attracts like and all of that energy is reacting to everything all of the time. It is the Tao. There are no empty spaces between our cells or between us and the ground or water or air around us. We are all connected to everything on quite literally an atomic level. So the idea that we can wash off radiation and it will not effect the air or ground or water through this type of contamination is ludicrous.

Nuclear fall out in the air will fall to the ground. It will be absorbed by the ground. It will seep into the ground water. It will feed the plantlife and it will be consumed by insects, animals, birds and people. And the little contaminated seeds the birds eat and poop out on the ground and the fertilizer from all of the animals that will nourish the plantlife and in turn feed everything else; it will all be contaminated.

Water moves. Air moves. We breathe in and we breathe out and consume and we leave waste and we are a part of everywhere we go and everything we do, not just experientially but elementally too. What we breathe in and drink and eat everything becomes a part of our energy on the most basic levels. And this affects all of us.

Some times parts per millions of particles in the air or water can be absorbed and we may not feel the effects of a change in our environment very much. But some times it is more intense exposure and we are biologically and chemically changed by toxic exposure.

That is why we need to look very closely at preserving nature. For thousands of years our bodies have been genetically imprinted and effected by the food we have eaten and the water we've drunk and the air we've been breathing. The bugs that crawled on that food and all of the anti-bodies to diseases they have built up and consumed through other foods and left as minute trails of waste on our fruits and vegetables have become a part of us too.

It seems like many people in advertising and in the scientific community think that our lives would be improve if we could just separate everything and disinfect it and reinvent and then package it and sell it. What could be smarter than to provide more food for less and while we're at it, make it so that people don't ever feel full and always have an addictive need to consume more of the packaged food we buy. It is amazing how much of our food has already become contaminated by being genetically engineered and altered.

I remember this big can with a tomato plant on a second floor porch. The plant had always been there. It grew from a seed in that can. And just as its fruit was full and ready to eat a distinctly unique tomato caterpillar appeared and ate the tomatoes. And it was so remarkable. I wondered, where did that caterpillar come from? And then I thought, it came from a caterpillar trail that was left on the seed of the tomato plant. As the plant grew and found nourishment in the soil and water and so, so to the caterpillar grew. Until it was big enough to eat tomatoes. After that, well, it was probably eaten by a bird.

It hit me from observing that, that we used to eat things and while we may have cleaned the dirt off of them, the real good stuff that had been left to become a part of what we were eating, gave us its anti-bodies and germ fighting abilities. So just maybe killing the bugs that left these trails and sterilizing the food until nothing is left of it, isn't such a good idea. Maybe that is why so many people in this country have health problems from a lack of the ability for their body to fight off diseases.

If you research the effects crop dusting and pesticides have had on the communities where these products have been used or made, you will find that there are all kinds of health problems that effect our fertility and neurological makeup that have caused birth defects.

I've noticed that as more of our food has been genetically altered more people are alergic to the food they eat. Why is that? All my life we grew up eating peanut butter sandwiches. The wheat in the bread did not make us fat and the peanuts did not give us lethal alergies.

Once again, I see that those who are very smart and clever in the way they can make money, are blind to the serious repercussions of what they are doing. Or maybe they do know and don't care. Really, does it matter?

The food in Japan is going to be contaminated. So is the air and water. How much will be dispersed and how much will people absorb and what effect will this have on their lives? We don't know.

So we create these things like nuclear power plants that can destroy our communities, our health and our environment just so we have power. And the people who make the deals and make the money doing this, they think they have power. And for awhile they do. And they have all kinds of money and anything they could ever want. But they forget, everything leaves its trace everywhere.

That's physics. On a nuclear level.

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