Saturday, March 26, 2011

Changing Winds for Nuclear Power Plant Projects

More Nuclear Power Plants?

Others follow suit.

We could learn from their examples and use some good old fashioned horse sense when it comes to our own policies here.

What about our policies in the US?

Plan for a catastrophe all you want, you can't turn them off if a natural disaster happens. Period.

Good work Germany has been doing regarding insulating buildings, doors, glass and generating solar power on farm land. Ahead of the curve.

Technological advances that make sense.

Explain the importance of being able to have safety valves and the ability to shut down the energy we produce should an unforseen event take place. With nuclear power, it can get to a point where this isn't a possibility. The destruction that occurs certainly outweighs the benefit.

For those who want to sell these plants and make tons of money doing it, this may not be the story.

But as we can see with what is happening in Japan now and with what has happened in Chernobyl, a simple, uh oh, won't cut it.

Nature is strong and we can't be doing things that pollute our planet when these disasters occur. That just good old fashioned common sense.

Vote people into office that know how to use common sense. And vote those out whose only solutions are digging for more oil in protected areas and building more power plants.

Nuclear Workers in Japan

I would even go so far as this, everyone who supports more nuclear energy, go over and help those heroic fifty workers who are exposed to lethal amounts of radiation as they try to preserve the possibility that Japan will be able to recover from this tragedy.

The Sacrifice

Fifty Japanese Workers, The Last Defense.

Japan would have sadly recovered from the tsunami and the earth quake. And it will survive, hopefully, the volcanic activity going on now. But the nuclear power disaster has created a terrible crisis over there that makes survival one big, terrible, silent, question mark.

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