Thursday, November 8, 2018

Election Results 2018

The kids and I were talking about the election and America and changes and I watched a Trae Crowder video about the election and then listened to something Nancy Pelosi said and all of the sudden my own thoughts and ideas and those of others came together in something I have never really put into words before.
The reason we need to have an inclusive government is that we the people do have different points of view. Our cultural experiences and beliefs and traditions and knowledge and love and delicious recipes and celebrations. When we share our traditions and thoughts and humanity with each other hatred falls away and understanding and empathy grows.
There are so many groups of people who point the the person or group of people and say.... its their fault my life is shit. And some of that to some extent is true. But even when it is true, it doesn't change anything. The only time our lives change is when we decide to take responsibility for our own life. When we take a good look and say, what can I do next to get me closer to living the life I want to live.
If only one group of people is deciding what a good life is and how much we earn to live what we the people consider to be a good life then the predominant group is making uninformed decisions. It is still a slave or oppressive or conqueror mentality. This is where so much hatred festers away at the beauty of the type of people we can be.
It is crucial for us to care of each other and our environment. There is no planet B. If we don't stop polluting the planet and drying up its natural waterways and stop cutting down forests; we will suffer the consequences. But no-one is talking about this because the big moneyed oil and gas folks are greedy takers. Are there good people working for these companies? Of course there are. But those people who can talk intelligently about the possible repercussions of depleting our natural resources aren't even sitting at the same table.
Once our natural resources are gone, that's it. We need to consider that maybe, just maybe, our natural resources do not belong to companies or corporations or countries to exploit. We need to care for them and protect them. We can own a piece of land but we should be taking care of it instead of polluting it. But how do we get there when we don't even have reasonable discussions about these issues? We get there by listening and being willing to explore the best ways for the planet and for each other to survive and thrive.
If only men are making the decisions about what a woman can decide for herself about her own body, then that is still the slave/master mentality that used the buy and sell women like possessions, in order to increase their wealth. We need women to give their own opinions about these things so reasonable approaches to solving problems can be implemented.
There are so many of us with differing opinions on just about everything. Over the holidays you will find this to be true during your family dinners.
We have great potential to work together and come up with reasonable solutions to the problems we face. Superstition and extremism won't get us anywhere.
If we share our thoughts and perspectives we can come up with creative and innovative ways to live symbiotically with this beautiful planet and each other. We need to honor each other and listen, really listen to each other and then come up with reasonable approaches to problem solving that make sense.
It's important.

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