Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Prairie Gifted to The Indian Prairie Public Library

This is a video Dave Bunn put together of the time I worked on the painting The Prairie at the library and then when I gave it to the library when it was finished.  This painting took about a year to paint.  It is a love gift to the whole community.

My son Steve Lieto and my daughter Rebekah Lieto are adding their brush strokes and color to The Prairie.  The creative expression we share is very much a family affair.  We had such a good time.  Coco is also in the video.  Coco is my Akita Service Dog who was very much a star at the library while I worked on the painting there.  And she was my constant companion when I continued to work on it in my studio.  There is just a sideways glimpse of Marianne Ryan, who did an awesome interview after The Prairie found its new home at the library.  Thank you Jamie Bukovac for coming up with this interactive project.  I love love loved working on it at the library.  I loved the families, the love, the questions, the curiosity.... just everything.
Thank you Dave for creating this video.  You are a dear.

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