Monday, December 1, 2014

Its a Wonderful Life

I have seen where the need to have green grass about two inches high works out... not so good.  People have been contaminating our earth and water with tons of pesticides and GMO fertilizers and grasses just to make a lawn look like a golf course.

I had an organic farm and when I sold it and moved to be close to my sister I decided that having a lawn did not interest me at all.  I started looking at my small but lovely expanse of green and thought, I'm going to start little by little and plant things, organic plants, that feed the birds and squirrels and bugs.  I can't wait to post pictures this spring.

I started creating woven wood sculptures with a vision for how I would break up the lawn and create different layers and levels of interest and then I would gradually change the lawn to a living and self sustaining and just down right good for nature area where animals and birds and squirrels can play and enjoying all of the seasons.

This past year I met Shawna and was blown away by the beauty and abundance that her determination and love of gardening has created. Shawna has posted this view of her garden and it is beautiful.  But her words, her challenge spoke to my heart.  It was just too good to keep to myself.


I recycle old T-shirts and towels and use them for cleaning.  I don't buy paper towels.  I recycle cans and all kinds of plastics and paper.  I generate more recycling waste than anything else.  And once I get my compost area set up, and I start making my own paper.... I will just about be able to eliminate - garbage.  I started by signing up for recycling and told myself, every toilet paper roll I'll put in a plastic bag on the back door.  I can do that much.  And what became a new habit, a new thing I could do?  grew and grew

Imagine what we could accomplish if as many of us who are capable, did something to turn this wasteful, reckless ship of fools around?  Because you know, if we ain'ta rowin' and we ain't a growin' what are we doing that expresses a heart felt appreciation for this amazing planet and this wondrous life?  And it is a wondrous life.

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