Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer Storm in Fall

Summer Storm In Fall
By Jenn Weinshenker

I woke up
Stretched back
Head pillowed
And briefly wondered
I never do remember
Falling asleep here

The thunder must have awakened me
The sun was still bright
Against a cloak of blue
And white
The yellow bits of Elm fell straight down
There was no breeze to interrupt its fate
They were in total
Earthly bound.

The thunder roared again and again
And I was afraid
Was it a cement structure
Being bombed to rubble
Being torn down?

I listened to the silence
And warily I decided to stand
And finding my courage
Through the veil of curiosity
I opened the door and
Then the glass
Storm door
The rain too fell
Straight down
Directly down
Without the wind to ease its falling

The shadows are long
Across the vestige of green
And the sun is still bright
And the thunder still delivers its quake
Until I close the door
Before it finds me

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