Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gov Pat Quinn

I love that Gov Quinn did this. It is about time and some thing the folks in this country have been saying for a long time. Politicians don't have any incentive to work or get the job done or to even compromise because they have over the years written into law that even if they just work for one day, they get a life time of full benefits, a nice fat pension based on their salary, no social security safety net; great medical benefits, that ain't the same as Medicare and they can sit on their asses and gum up the works and do nothing and still get everything they want. I love that Gov Quinn brought things back to their lowest common denominator... no work, no pay. Beautiful.

Now to change the laws so that politicians only get paid for the time they are elected and the time they serve and when they retire they get a pension its Social Security with an additional amount of based on the amount of money they put into their retirement fund while they are in office.  And they should get Medicare and have the option to increase this is they want to pay for it out of their own pockets like everybody else except CEOS. That's what I'd like to see. Talk about misuse of power and tax funds. Its ridiculous.

But yeah, you go Gov Quinn. While I don't want to see Chicago turn into a casino town, I think funds to increase revenue are much better spent helping all of its citizens have a chance at starting a business and focusing on education, the environment and the arts are all important ingredients of a well balanced society.  People supporting their own families and communities is more important than funding the already mega wealthy that honestly make their money off of feeding off of the weaknesses of people.  I don't mind casinos.  But we have enough crime here we can't deal with.  Changing Chicago into a casino town would only add to it.  You do manage to find a middle ground with a lot of these issues, which I appreciate.  And you are kicking ass in a lot of areas and that I dig the most. Like Marriage Equality, legalizing medical marijuana and no work no pay for the leaches that are in it to stop any progress from happening with the hope that if they cause enough problems it will give them a leg up in the next election... Yeah, you did good Pat Quinn. You did good.

Update: Medical Marijuana legal January 1, 2014.

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