Sunday, June 23, 2013

Coco and Love and Trust

Coco and I took a lovely walk this morning. Storms are moving their way here so all outdoor activities need to be taken care of before they arrive. Coco was so gentle. She has understood so much about our walking. We have come to understand so much about our walking. All through our walk we were in complete unison. And I thought about how much I have learned from my Akitas. How much I have learned about trust and how to create a bond of trust between the large and small animals I have known. 

I have become more aware through the years because of the llamas and donkeys and Akitas and now even squirrels.  Because I now understand that they are always watching.  And in this way I learned to watch them too.  They all worked so hard to find a common language that I could understand.  So I would know what they wanted or needed.  Once I understood this principle I could apply it to the way I interacted with all of them.

When Coco and I were at the mall today, just walking around and having fun she was such a star. Its so cute. At one point she walked me over to an area that had a raised wall, maybe a foot or so high. She put her paw up on it and looked me in the eye.  I said all right girl. I sat and relaxed and she laid down beside me and we relaxed there together. My head had started hurting a little but I was ignoring it.  It was such a beautiful day. Then when Coco knew I was okay she got up and looked on.  And I knew I was okay to keep going and I put my hands on her back and she braced for me and we walked on. She is always so much smarter than I am. I love being able to trust her judgment. I love knowing that our trust is mutual.  She is the best service dog ever. Well maybe not ever ever but ever for me.  I love her so much.

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