Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coco and Me and the Soda Machine

Coco and I have been enjoying a wonderful warm and sunny day.  I got some things done and then while I rarely eat out, and can't remember the last time I had a hot dog yet... it was that kind of a day.  Coco and I went out for just that, a hot dog.  I was surprised when the manager asked if Coco was certified and I told him yes and showed him her ID.  I told him I was glad he asked.  I had been hearing that people were taking their dogs places and saying they were service dogs so I was glad he asked.  I showed him what the ID looks like so he would know.

He gave me a hot dog for Coco.

And I bought one and a small Ginger Ale.  I went over to the machine and it had circles all over it.  But I couldn't figure out how to make it work.  I started to ask someone next to me and then Coco pulled me back.  She had tried to cup around the front of me but I wasn't paying attention.  So she backed up and pulled on the leash gently and stood there and looked at me.  She was absolutely insistent on me backing away from the machine.  I had forgotten to take my earplugs out.  It was a little breezy outside and I needed to wear them so I wouldn't get dizzy.

I told her okay and she took me to the closest chair and then she sat down and then she laid down.  For some reason she was adamant about me getting away from that machine.

After the people near the soda machine left I thought maybe she would let me go over there.  I still didn't get why she pulled me back from the machine.  She let me get up but still wasn't happy about me going to the machine.  I told her it was okay, I was safe and she relaxed.  Someone else came over and I asked how they made the machine work.  I pushed the selection and put the cup where it was supposed to go and pressed push and it made a pressurized sound.  Coco has been trained to help me so I don't get dizzy and fall down when I hear sudden noises.  That's why she took me to the chair.  I barely heard it because of the ear plugs but then it hit me... this must be a machine where it makes the soda... well I don't know how it works but it makes a high pressurized sound when it makes the soda and that was what Coco heard when we walked over there the first time. Some one was already making some only I didn't hear it.  This reminded me of the time she heard a moped that was on and parked and no-one was in sight, at the park.  She would not let me pass it.  She cupped between the bike and me and stopped and wouldn't let me get any closer.  So I reached over to touch the bike to tell her I see it and we're safe and then I felt the warmth and the hum of the engine running.  Exactly what Coco was trained to do.  To stop me from walking in front of an engine when it was on.  Until I told her I see it we're safe.  She was right then and she was right tonight.

I told her she was a good girl and by then the hot dogs were ready and we went outside.  The manager said a friendly bye and said if we needed anything to just let him know.  He was very sweet.  And Coco and I went outside and sat at a table and enjoyed eating a hot dog.  Coco's was without anything, including the bun.

Afterwards we went to the library and I got another Robert Crais book.  I can't wait to read it.

And my girl, I will always listen to her, always.

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