Monday, January 14, 2013

Phillip Roebuck ~ One Man Band

I remember seeing street musicians play with getups like these when I lived in New Orleans, down by Jackson Square.  They were great story tellers and kicked making music for everyone to hear.

He's taking his music to the streets and right into the hearts of people who dig it.  I love this.

I think artists and musicians and poets have become dislocated from society because there is this idea that if you aren't demanding huge bucks and getting recognition from  the experts then you are not contributing anything of value or of much value.

I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to sell my work to collectors or show it for sale in galleries.  That wasn't my goal.  If my work had value to me by the time it was finished that was all I needed.  

I decided to give my work away.  To family members, loved ones, organizations or humanitarians who would otherwise never be able to afford a nice oil on canvas.  They always appreciated the work and the gift and that is what gave my work value to me. 

I have my images for sale on things.  I've published my book Down the Road and this year I'll finish up my art book and then people can have my work, my images and stories or poetry at a bargain price.  Gladly.  People who dig it will be able to afford it.  And anyone who could afford to actually support my work as an artist and approach me looking for a bargain?  Can kiss my ass.

If anyone is going to profit from my work after I kick the bucket it will be the family that I have loved and that has loved me back, in more ways than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.  They are the ones who saw me before and after the brain injury.  The ones who knew what it took to raise my hand and hold a brush in it again and pour out some thing real on a canvas.  They are the ones who know the real story.  

As an artist - profits or recognition has nothing to do with my work.  I just get out there and swirl around in this world and do the damn thing and that is what gives my life and work value.

I think that's why I dig Phillip Roebuck so much.  Thanks Steve, for sharing him with me.  I'll keep a look out for a drum.

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