Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicago Botanic Garden October 2012

Took a lovely walk with a friend and my service dog Coco through the Chicago Botanic Garden.  It was such a lovely day.  Sunny with clouds sprawled across a bright blue sky.  Thought I'd share some photos.
This was such an amazing view.  I was inspired by the way the branches and autumn leaves revealed a glimpse of water and sky in the distance.
Notice the yellow wall of trees beyond the roses in the rose garden.  Within the wall of trees was a beautiful English Garden.

I've forgotten what these feathery grasses were called but aren't they a beautiful sight with the colors of autumn behind them?  What my photo didn't capture was the way those feathery boas were haloed by a brilliant white light and the gentle breeze that ever so gently swayed them.

And this view just took my breath away.  I was delighted that the picture captured it.

One thing these images can't capture was the amazing aroma of the sage and lavender and eucalyptus and the roses, the roses....

Bonsai Trees

And here are pictures of the lovely paths we walked along.
Of course a Coco tale occurred while we were there.
We were sitting on a bench, taking a little break, when I noticed Coco was focused on an area in the brush right next to us.  Her body became rigid and her sniffer stopped sniffing and her ears were pricked forward.  I told my friend Coco was hunting.  And the next second bam!  She caught a mole.  I told her to drop it and she let it go.  And that nice plump mole made its way back into the bushes.  Alas, my sweet gentle Coco, who had charmed everyone at the Chicago Botanic Garden except that mole, had made her own primal connection.

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