Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Shit Where You Sleep

There's an old saying, "Don't shit where you sleep." There is so much division between people. So little value on life in general. And I think its because this situational ethics is such a part of people's thinking these days. It's always been there but not much else is rising to the surface anymore. This I don't care if it causes a problem for someone else, as long as I get paid or laid or whatever. I hope people understand one day soon that we are all related. We are all one big family. We are all a part of the earth. Not one species or group of any kind has needs that are more important than the others. Whether we are talking about pollution or water or plastic shit the size of Texas in the ocean, we are all always connected.

So we shouldn't shit where we sleep. We should do more to do less harm. Not because...a God tells us so in some book but because this is a harmonious way to live with the earth, our mother, our father, our provider and our friend. The sad thing is we have the intelligence to put our heads together to work on ways to do this and yet greedy people who are distracted by the glitz of power or social strata just don't seem to get it. Pearls before the swine I guess. But some day I hope people will stop thinking only about how much they can consume and look up, at the beauty that is around them and understand that this is all fragile and so are we.

Whether we are talking about the Yangtzi River in China turning red because of Red dye chemical dumping in the Chinese river or Japanese radioactive rubbage turning up on the Pacific Coast in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power disaster or the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the shit ton of pollution that industries have left along the southern coast of the Pacific or pollution that has been caused in all kinds of countries because people weren't wise enough or powerful enough to say no and to instead protect their environment one thing is clear; there is a blatant disregard for the health of our planet and every living thing on it, which while this includes us, this should not exclude everything else.

We are doing great harm to the air, water, wildlife and all manner of insects and marine life and all of this affects every living thing including us.  Including us.

 I could go on.  I've already written about the dangers of fracking and nuclear energy.  Its time to start thinking about what we are doing and most importantly about what we are not doing.  We need to let our politicians know how important our environment is to us.  To all of us.  We need to vote, write letters and we need to send emails.  We need to watch what we buy and make sure we are supporting those who are being responsible. That is the very least we can do. 

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