Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do Something

I watched a news item about the promise of sorghum, a grass that has deep roots and needs less water than corn.  It will become a great hybrid that will resist pesty insects. What the man playing at farmer was talking about was creating a Sorgham GMO. Which means in plain English that pesticides will be genetically introduced into the sorgham and all of the cows and horses and anything that eats it in the form of fiber, will ingest these pesticides and it will become part of their DNA too.  And all of this toxic mess will be passed along to every living thing, through the food chain, into the water and land.

It is also used to make a sweetener. It could easily replace corn syrup which is now in everything, which has already been genetically engineered. Fattening up cows for the slaughter and people too. that eventually become ill with things like diabetes. I couldn't believe he got through his little bit with a straight face.

Now Monsanto is introducing a right bright GMO of the corn variety and it will be sold in WalMart where all of the poor and uninsured can then get illnesses from it and fall further from the lovely organic bounty we inherited from our ancestors. And we wonder where the bees and birds and the insects have gone that used provide life and health to us all ? The very food that used to nourish them is killing them off too.

I say it loud and very clear, bastards. Not a very good exchange in my mind. Taking good pure food and changing it, introducing pesticides into it and then sugaring our diets with this stuff. Is every-fukn body sleeping?

So what can we do about it?  We can do something.  We can dig out a patch in a sunny spot and grow our own from organic seed.  I have just spotted two cucumbers and I'm elated.  The herb garden has been a huge success.  The peach tree is thriving.  And the cabbage and broccoli and tomato plants and black beans are strong and growing.  This fall I will make the backyard garden larger and add manure for it to rest over the winter months.  And gently blanket it with leaves that will enrich the soil come spring.  And the front yard will get its own work.  I'll prune some branches and expand my melon patch and in more shady areas I'll plant lovely things that will thrive there.  This is what I can do.  What can you do?  Find out more by starting with researching this... sorghum GMO and corn GMO and read and watch documentaries and learn something instead of saying to yourself, well, I don't know about that.  Turn off the garbage tube, the idiot box and learn a thing or two.  I have a brain injury and I could figure it out.  I challenge you to put some effort into learning something about this.  Its serious and effects us all.

And then write letters and posts and pass your knowledge along and grow something wonderful.  How about that?  I have already written a piece about this topic that is very informative.  I posted it on December 19, 2011.  If you click on that date in my archive posts you might enjoy it.  Below is the link.

A Link to My Bit on GMO'S

Out of work?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Having a hard time focusing on a project? 
Do something. 

Do some research about a topic that interests you.  And write about it and share what you've learned.  You don't have to do this everyday.  You don't even have to do this in particular.  But you can do something constructive.  Something meaningful.  Even if you don't get paid for it. You can share something meaningful with others and that is a really important element of what makes us all tick.

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