Tuesday, August 7, 2012

But What If I Fail?

But what if I fail?  What if I try something and it doesn't work out?  What if I wind up looking like an idiot?  What if?..... 
Failure is just another stepping stone.
Keeping your balance, even when you fall in and get soaked is what helps you get to dry land. I am so speaking from experience.
One day our peacock decided to go over to the swamp. When the kids found him they came to get me so's I could fetch him.   I of course thought, I'm prepared for this. I should know how to catch a peacock in the swamp. I looked around and grabbed a raggedy picnic blanket and a large net (for fishing) and with a small palm in mine and hopeful glee in her eyes, we headed out. Before long we met up with the boys and there he was. As proud as a, well, peacock. I noticed a large timber laying across the muck and decided that would get me close enough.
I talked with Einstein and when he was looking right at me, crack, thwack, the timber broke and there I was in leachy water up to my thighs and there Einstein was, in my net. I pulled him close, handed off the net to one of my helpers and held him in my arms. The kids were elated. So was I. Even though I was a mess.
On our way back to the house Einstein took a dump all down the front of my legs. So there I was mucky, yucky, with peacock poop all over the front of me.  My three kids were laughing hysterically, most assuredly "at" me.  I joined in on the fun as we kept right on walking, feeling very much like well, a hero.  
Life is a lot like that. Failure and ideas and accomplishments are conceived of looking quite direct and  clean. They may turn out to lead you to an accomplishment but you might just have to go through a lot of shit to get there.

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