Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its a Fairy Tale

Yep. There's always been them's that work and them's that try to get something for nothing. Oh, they look like they're working. But working numbers for your own benefit off of the labor of others always get screwy because they don't have a sense of value for how hard it was to earn that money or how long it took to save it. There is a huge difference between them's that take advantage of this and them's that work by the sweat of their brow.

I wouldn't invest or franchise or go public with a damn thing. We were a lot better off taking care of our own needs and developing our talents in our own towns. And I think a whole lot of people are going back to that.

The problem is that every ten years or so this same thing happens. People get complacent, they forget recessions and hearing stories about wars or the depression and they start believing that whatever people say, that's real. And that's when they start buying into all of this crap. And that's when greedy bastards come in and swoop your cares away and promise to make your money magically grow and forever and ever take care of all of your needs and fancies, like jack and the beanstalk. It is a fairy tale.

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