Friday, April 27, 2012

Seedlings Spring Breezes and Disco

I'm all sorts of excited to see the pumpkin seedlings popping up. They are so strong. Beans are ready to be planted and in a couple of weeks the squash, pumpkin and melons will be ready to be planted and to spread all over the front yard!! It is still a little too cold and windy to finish up the weaving elements to the Three Birds Sculpture. I have decided to dig an irregular hole out back. A...fter spreading out some plastic in it I'll place some colored glass and stones and broken ceramics on the sheet and then pour in some quickcrete. Then I'll place some bowls at various levels and depths in the quickcrete and let it all dry for a couple of days. So I'll need to wait until it warms up a bit. Then I'll need a little help placing it in the Three Birds sculpture and let the birds and squirrels have some fun. Until then I'll be weaving wood and hanging colored glass throughout its form and any other odd things I find that I think will look good. And just enjoy the view. Its going to be like a nature's way disco out there. Food, drink, crazy places to stand around and watch the view and colored lights flickering in the light. Ah, good times. And now - to paint! The last pangs of labor all at the end of my brush.

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