Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is a tool. See it for yourself.

The hatred and ignorance that comes out of his mouth, over the air waves is pathetic. Women and men want birth control. How many men want to go back to the days when they had to take care of 9-13 kids? And we all know they aint'ta willing (neither are their ladies) to only do it while trying to conceive one or two children in their lifetime. So this whole "issue" this whole conversation and calling women sluts because they want their medical coverage to include birth control is moot. Men are all sorts of happy to have their little blue jack pills (especially onces that need to keep up with their second or third wives). And their meds are covered by insurance companies.

You know what is morally wrong? Republican extremists trying to make women having access to birth control are being irresponsible? Really?

Honestly, after a person has two children, regardless of their age, they should be able to get sterilized if they want too. The government should have absolutely NO say in the matter.

As for me, how long do you think programs like FOX News would last if everyone who was disgusted by the hatred and propaganda and lies they spewed, told cable they were going to cancel their accounts until they were given the choice to pay for and support only the channels they wanted to see?

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