Friday, March 2, 2012


Google Taking Our Information - Wherever We Go On Internet And Uses It

Google has announced that now they are going to use all of our information, everywhere we post and everywhere we search and what we post and they are going to use all of that information and they are going to constantly track us. Supposedly they are not going to use this information and sell it to advertisers or whoever. No, they are going to do us a great big favor and slow down our search engines and invade our privacy so they can give us better suited advertisements. I can't stand the advertisements. I don't want any. I just want to be able to keep up with friends. And check out what is going on in the world through other sites and YouTube.

As far as I'm concerned it isn't okay if someone - anyone - says you can have these services only if you agree to.... We should be allowed to say no. I don't want that service. So this all sucks. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at the moment. I mean I figured the government is doing this anyway. But I don't like it. The potential for abuse is huge. And the ability to know when this is happening is totally out of our control. Yeah, this sucks.

I can't stand that they now own or control Google, YouTube, Facebook and our email addresses and everywhere we go. I don't even know their names. Why should anyone have more access to our information than we have of theirs. Not good. And definitely not cool. Got that Google?

Oh, and I changed my default server and search engine and except for YouTube I'm not using Google anymore. Right now I'm still enjoying Facebook. So I'll keep that going for awhile longer. But yeah, I deleted my browsing history and have that deleted every time I turn off the computer now. So that may help with this invasion of privacy and use of my personal information. I'll figure out all on my own what I want to search for and what information I want to read, thank you very much.

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