Thursday, February 23, 2012

Solar Storms, Northern Lights, Strange Sounds, Dead Birds and Magnetic Fields 2012

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, have been spectacular this year. I found a few links that were so lovely I wanted to share them and remember them.

This link has an organic feel. You can hear the car door opening and closing from the person checking their camera. There are no sound effects, just time lapse and it is simply lovely.

I was doing some research a few months ago and came upon other accounts of strange sounds occurring in the atmosphere. This was around the time I was doing some research about why thousands of birds were falling out of the sky all over the planet. I remember wondering if it could have had something to do with the waves of magnetic fields, like a storm and wondering if that is what caused these birds to die from blunt force trauma.

USDA? Really? So birds ate all of these poisonous seeds at the same moment and died in the wee hours, before people got up in the morning and all this happened at the same instant on the same day? Sorry, that doesn't even come close to making any sense, USDA? Really? Autopcies have shown these birds died from blunt force trauma.
Muscles? The die off would be gradual. Some times when we don't know something the best thing to say is we don't know.

I was wondering because some sort of magnetic field wave seemed to be the most likely scenario of some invisible cause. Like birds flying into a wall they couldn't sense or see and getting smashed, all of the sudden. And even beyond that, that they were stirred to fly, like they would when they are afraid of a predator. Birds don't fly in rain storms. If they sense a predator they take cover. It seemed to make sense that something flustered them and they took off but couldn't get away. In fact, they may have flown right into what killed them. It made more sense than the reason being given on news reports that these birds got confused by a thunderstorm or fireworks and suddenly flew into each other and died. So yeah, I find all of this really interesting. And I think these events could have something to do with recent solar flare storms and sudden changes and shifts in the magnetic field; the kind of movement we can see with the Aurora Borealis caused by solar flares.

Icelandic Volcanic Eruption and Aurora Borealis in Iceland February 2012

Solar Storms Link

Is it possible these magnetic waves go deeper than the surface of the water and have an effect of sealife too?

There is so much we don't know. Life is expressed in so many ways. I'm filled with this sense of awe just thinking about it.

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