Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Good Garden Feeds Everybody

While planning my spring planting I've been wondering how much food the squirrels will leave me. Should I fence them off? Of course, having an akita in the back yard is a good deterent. But how should I approach the front, where I am planning on growing all kinds of squash and herbs?

And then I decided, I will keep an eye on my squash but there will probably be more than enough to go around. And even if I didn't eat one and only had seed from them to plant the next year, would it be that bad that I am feeding the squirrels? And I got to thinking how the numbers have dwindled since I was a little girl. The numbers of birds, the numbers of squirrels. And I thought, all of these green lawns are starving every other type of wildlife that used to live here right out of existence. So if they eat and all I get out of it is the pleasure of knowing they are getting what they need to survive than I am one step past the lawn dependency that has taken over every bit of land that could be growing good food here.

It is an experiment. But I will have lovely organic mulch and wildlife and I'm sure enough food to make the effort worthwhile. I'll get exercise and have the pleasure of watching things grow. And that will be lovely.

I'd like to build a sculpture this year that moves water around. We have had a very warm and dry winter. We will probably have a warm and dry spring. And even hotter summer. So my crops may not do all that well. But they will do more to feed the ground and wildlife and probably me too and that will be good. Yes, I'd like to create something that will move in the wind and maybe even make a sound like a singing bowl. And move water around. Yes. I think I will use some chandelier crystals too. And play with the light as well. This will be fun.

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