Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burden of a Dream

Is it a burden to dream
To be filled with wonder
And still tremble
From the awareness
This world etches in our hearts

Being an artist and writer
Much of my work and the stirrings of it all
Occurs in solitude

Within this angst I try to find my way
To uncover what has been hidden
This motivates me to expose what I have seen
And this work provides me with a place
Where I find refuge

When I create beauty from the ugliness in this life; I feel a sense of calm all stirred up with sorrow and exhilaration because some morsel of truth has been discovered and expressed.

At times my ignorance is overwhelming. I suppose this is what causes me to stop and look and try to understand the world around me and the human heart.

It is ironic that at this very core is where I have managed to find peace. And when I become aware of others who have done and who do the same; I feel a sense of connection that penetrates the alienation that creeps in when all is quiet.

I have named this oil on canvas, "Quiet Desperation." In a sea of misery we look out to find understanding and we see only pain. Drowning in this endless sea of suffering we try to take flight but we cannot. It is only when we change our perspective and look out that we can see the stars and the beauty and power of all of it. This beauty brings us peace when we comprehend that we are never truly isolated or alone. We are a part of it all and it is what we do and how we live and what we share that at least for our short time in this human form, makes all of the difference.

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