Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank you President Obama!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you President Obama for not passing through the Keystone Pipeline Project. I am so grateful right now that I wish you were here. I'd fix you and your family the best breakfast and then I'd give you a big old hug!!!!

I've written extensively about this pipeline and the dangers of fracking (the process of extracting gas from under the earth through water pressure. Sounds harmless but the chemicals used are seriously polluting our water and the earth. People who have been directly impacted by this can't even water their gardens or drink their water. It smells like kerosene and it is highly explosive. To endanger communities, our fresh water supply and put in a pipeline when we all know the earth moves. Oil pipelines have been leaking into rivers, remember the Kalamazoo River catastrophe. The has had a devastating effect on our environment that does serious, long term damage to our water, wildlife and fish.

Thank you for not allowing the few that would have made a ton of money doing this, not go through with this project. It would have cost us all so much. Way more than money. And money could not have fixed (it hasn't yet) the environment damage done by these kinds of approaches to providing energy to us.

We need to provide funding to more independent people who can share and spread the wealth around. Use more local approaches so people who don't have any ties to an area can't come in a dump radio active and chemical toxic waste in areas where people don't know any better.

If you haven't read any of my posts on the subject do a word search or google or do YouTube searches on fracking or toxic dumping destroying communities and you'll find plenty of information all on your own. If you aren't informed on this subject, invest some time in doing some looking around and get informed. This will effect us adversely. And believe me, the pressure to get this pipeline through won't stop. But it won't get far if people understand how badly this will effect us, all of us, regardless of any political party.

We do need to figure out passive ways we can generate energy. But we absolutely must make preserving the environment while we are doing it a priority.

So once again - thank you thank you thank you President Obama!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!

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