Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Sky is Falling And Birds And Cattle Are Too

Reasons why hundreds or even thousands of fish suddenly die off and then within a few days people get up and find to their horror dead birds all over the streets and their yards?

Zebra muscles? Those pesky zebra muscles that settle on rocks can be stirred up and then the fish all massively get contaminated with disease and then the birds eat the fish and then they die too? If this was too, it would be gradual. Because if the fish start to die, they feed somewhere else. All kids of fishies do the same thing. So these immigrant muscles, these zebra muscles infiltrate the waters and then the fish, being stupid fish, they dig and stir up these muscles and they eat them and then they die. Poor fish. Sad fish. And then the birds eat these fish and they don't stop eating them. And then they go to fly in the sky and then just all fall down and die.

A mystical electrical storm confused all of these birds to fly at night, in an electrical storm? Birds don't fly during storms. That's why is gets really quiet before a storm. Birds follow air currents. They move because of the temperature and temperature changes and which way the wind blows. So all of the sudden, birds falling from the sky because they got confused? Really?

And if these lunatic birds decided to go on a night flight, and these particular birds fly during the daytime, then why weren't there massive power outages from power surges?
They got scared and flew into the sky and went crazy and just died from fright because of fireworks? Seriously? And we don't find hundreds or thousands of birds dead on the ground the day after the forth of July because why?

No dead fish. No birds falling from the sky. Not even the same continent. So what's the buzz. Tell me what'sa happening?

I don't know what the reasons are. But it was near 50 degrees in Chicago the past few days. We haven't had any lasting accumulation of snow. Only a couple of dustings with maybe an inch that evaporated within a couple of days. This is normally the coldest time of the year for us and yet when I was walking my dog a few days ago I saw a front yard with yellow dandelions in full bloom and their seed puff balls all up like it was an early spring day in April.

An update in March, our temps were steadily 20 degrees higher than the average and for about two weeks we had mid-high 80's temperatures. We are about two months ahead of blossoms on the fruit trees and magnolias in bloom. The song birds are back and there are leaves on the trees.

There used to be a saying, "April showers bring May flowers." And March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb." Not any more. This has been the warmest winter we have ever had. All records have been broken. And it snowed in Texas and Rome and in London this year.

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