Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Music Never Stopped

I watched a movie entitled, "The Music Never Stopped." It was a really interesting film based on an essay that Dr. Oliver Sacks wrote about a patient who could be reached by caregivers, doctors and his family when he listened to certain music that he loved to listen to and play he lost his ability to communicate and connect with others after he had a brain tumor removed.

I enjoyed the way the movie explored different relationships surrounding the central character and how those relationships evolved. Yes, it was cool to see a film that showed how love and understanding can become stagnant and then how it can come to life again. It was a warm study and a truth telling and then a truth re-telling that was intimate and honest and loving.

This isn't a fancy movie. But it is interesting and it has a lot to say.

Oh, and I watched a movie recently called, "Away From Her."
I highly recommend it.

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