Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Wind Journeys

I watched, "The Wind Journeys,"and was struck first by the brilliant cinematography.
the remote vistas in South America
the miles and miles of a journey
its characters passed through
and the humanity that was found
in the most unforeseen place imaginable
kept me riveted

the story of, "The Wind Journeys,"
wasn't linear or formulaic, it was

I have been a traveler
and have felt comfortable
most of the time
in my solitary life
and along the way I've met quite a few
intriguing strangers
so I could relate with the broad strokes
and subtle introspection
this film portrayed with ease

every step of this journey
on hooves and feet
until their destiny was realized
in the purpose
that had long been over
was way cool

it wasn't fancy
but it was undeniably real

qualities sorely lacking in North American film

story telling
has become
a lost art
here anyway

most of the contemporary
North American films I've seen lately
have a genre
a stylized version of life
that is whiny
filled with
frame by framed
and closedins
that couldn't get out of their own way
let alone find it
if their miserable
awkward lives depended on it

I have a hard time sitting through the hours
of poor me
I'm the disastrous compilation
of a life unlived
woe alas yawn
all I can say is
shit or get off the pot

I was in my early teens when I realized
thank you Grandma
that if life isn't happening around you
you be happening
if the people you know aren't going anywhere
you go somewhere
go to a library and read a book
talk with people you have nothing in common with
listen to music from another land
try something new

early on I understood that being engaged in my own life
meant opening up to the possibilities
that maybe my little insignificant life
was connected by and through all of the energy
that moved by and through
all of the rest of it

with a brain injury
without money
with loads of work
and undone
and kids
and livestock
and more forgotten
than could ever be remembered
my life has been interesting
and certainly never dull
though there was plenty of reason
to cry in my soup
and some times I gut-sobbed
to be sure
life has been filled with more joy
than sorrow
and it is for this reason
that I don't have much patience
for maudlin myopic self-reflections
by people who squawk like wanton children
whose only awareness is
I want I want
and I can't get what I want
you get it for me
at some point
it is a good idea to figure out
how to stand up and take care of yourself
and maybe just maybe
open your eyes to the world around you

and that is what this movie
"The Wind Journeys"
was about
pure and simply put

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