Monday, November 14, 2011

A Good Day

It was a wonderful day today. I couldn't figure out why I was so blocked. And as I looked at when everything stopped I realized it was because the formatting dealeo for the books was too complicated.

I realized I needed to focus on the writings and work on the art book after that. I needed to get my writings together in one folder. Check. And I needed to create all of the folders I needed for the book. I finally came up with a title that I loved. And I realized that while I couldn't understand all of the directions in the formatting instructions I knew I had understood each one independently. So now I'm focusing on reading each piece. I started with the group of poems. Once those are all perfectomundo, then I'll put them in order and start working on the prose. And then the short stories and essays. Once those are all in a rich text format, proofed and edited and in order then I'll design the cover and send it all off to be copyrighted. While I'm waiting for my paperwork to come back I should feel so comfortable enough doing the formatting to figure out what I need to do to incorporate the art work and add some graphic design elements to the text that will go wherever I want to put them.

So whew. I feel better. I had a really good productive day today. And filling the brush with color and the screen with words I fall in love with, man, makes it all worthwhile.


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