Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Air Horn - Who Knew?

The other day I was walking with my friends and Coco was with us. And a lose dog came running down the driveway and out into the street. It was a sweet little Akita Inu I think. All he was doing was smelling Coco. But I went into a state of panic. My heart was racing and I was having a hard time breathing. Coco sat and turned her face into my body and stayed there. My friends helped and the people got their dog.

It became ever clearer that the problem is mine. As I was telling my daughter this she recommended I get an air horn. Like the kind they use at sporting events. So I got one. It may be a little louder than the one's in an arena because it is used out on lakes and for swimming competitions. But it will work just fine. We were out walking today and I felt so much more confident. There was a lose dog on its property but I think there was an invisible fence around their yard. When Coco looked over at the dog I tripped up her feet and told her to watch me. And she did and kept at a perfect heel. Because I wasn't anticipating the worst I could focus in on my panic and our walking. Coco did great.

It has been so beautiful out. When Coco was in the backyard she kept coming to the door like she wanted to come inside. And then she'd stand there and look at me. Like Mom, I want you to come outside. After a few times of this I took her to the park. She had lovely greets with people and even a few dogs walking close by on leashes. I told her to sit and watch me and she did. With complete focus. And I gave her treats.

Another week of this and the last thing I'll need to feel good about is straight on walking with another dog coming in our direction. It makes me really nervous when owners don't have their dogs on leashes up by them. But we're getting there.

An air horn. That was what I needed so if a dog came running out at us I could chase it away without hurting it. Six bucks well spent.

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