Sunday, July 31, 2011

Painted Outside Today July 31st, 2011

It was a beautiful day for painting outside.

Here are three of the paintings I was working on today.

This one is The Dock. I'm not decided on the title but for now that is what this one is called.

I listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Stones In The Road."

This one is Gift Giver, the latest in the Faces of a Woman series, for a very special woman.

And Louis Armstrong, "It's a Wonderful World."
And this one is Katie's Wave.

And of course I listened to some Etta James.

When chores were done I set up in the backyard and enjoyed working in natural light all day. It is early evening now and I wish I could keep on going. But my focus has lilted.

The sun is absolutley delicious.

Stay this moment in mine eyes
These colors
This hue
This nectarine peach
And blue

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