Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coco Speaks In Her Own Way

Today I got lost in the city. It was hot. I was in the car way too long. And by the time I got home I was worn out. Coco was too. No air conditioning.

So we rested for a little while and then took my friend to the grocery store. We had a nice visit. While we were walking down the vegetable aisle Coco heard something, a squeeky wheel on a distant grocery cart. It sounded like a toy. She was looking to see where the sound was coming from. I said, "Yes, I know, I heard it too." She was elated. We have been developing an understanding of each other's language for the past three plus years. She kept putting her nose in my hand and looking at me with this excited look in her eyes and a great big smile. It was so cute.

I picked up a few things and waited for my friend to finish checking out. I sat on a bench and Coco was looking out the window. Then another neighbor came by and we had a really nice visit. The cart was to the left of me so I told Coco to tell me when she saw our friend. So I'm gabbing and when Coco sees our friend she puts her paw on the cart and pulls it to me and then she stood and looked at our friend. The other neighbor I was visiting with was amazed. My friend saw it too. Coco never ceases to amaze her.

After a long day we had a nice relaxing night.
Even good working dogs need to nap every now and then.

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