Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tornado Warning

Sirens are wailing. I opened the kitchen window to see if I could video the rain. I couldn't even see my driveway just a few feet away. But the video didn't show any of it. You can hear the rain though, which is pretty neat. My service dog Coco put her paws up on my shoulders and was real insistant that we go down to the basement.

We went downstairs and in minutes the basement started to flood. It was pretty dark and I thought, no phone, no power, no way. And I got Coco and we headed out to my sisters'. I rarely drive in a bad rain storm, especially at night.

It's a rough little collage but it was some storm. It was so dark I couldn't see what the clouds looked like or which direction the storm was coming from. The winds were moving from all directions so it was hard to figure out which way to go. I heard two tornadoes touched down a few miles away. And the winds were between 80-100 mph. I saw a lot of trees along the side of the road. And had to zigzag to miss the trees that had fallen in the road.

Two days later and many of the main roads still don't have traffic lights that are working. Huge trees were yanked out of the ground by their roots. Over 250,000 people were out of power and many still are. Trees and branches are still being cut and cleared. And we were lucky.

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