Monday, June 13, 2011

Mario's Middle School Graduation Party

We had the best time celebrating Mario's Middle School Graduation Party!!

I picked up my son Steve and he brought his guitar. Gil and Mario taught Steve some new riffs. And they had a blast. Then Steve and Gil played guitar for the rest of the night. It was a family love fest for sure. Then the women started singing and when they did their voices sounded so good together.

After our night I decided I'm selling my house and moving into Sara and Mario's garage!!! Everyone loved Steve too and loved them all right back! Grandma was so cute. Especially, when she would cue him when to play certain chords in one of the songs they played. I wish I would have video taped that one. It was too sweet.

I didn't tape the Folsom Prison song. Everyone was singing. And Steve did a solo jam. It was such fun. So here are the videos. The first ones are when Gil and Mario were teaching Steve the chord progressions. And then they all just hit the road running.

Learning Some New Riffs

Mario Singing Ella

Mario Singing Se Me Hizo Facil

Gil and Steve Playing Sube Y Baja With Sara, Coco, Nena and Marcy Singing Backup.

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