Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thunder Shook the House

We're having a huge thunderstorm right now. Lots of thunder and lightening. When I lived in more arid parts of the country I missed these mid-western storms.

This morning the thunder was so intense it shook the house. We had a few hours of sun this afternoon. I worked on some canvases. These are what I'm working on right now. There is another but that one is going to be a surprise.

This one is inspired by a lake view.

This is a new Faces painting.

This one I'm calling Yet for right now.

Now the storms are back. I like it better when they hit during the day or long after I'm asleep. Though when storms are bad enough it gets dark during the daytime anyway. There have been nearly eighty tornadoes reported in the country so far today, May 25, 2011. There have been some reported about an hour away but that front decided to head east so I think we may have missed the worst of it.

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