Friday, February 18, 2011

What's Up Wisconsin?

Democratic Senators have fled from Wisconsin to prevent Republican Governor Scott Walker from forcing a vote in the senate that would take away the power of union workers to collectively bargain about safety standards, wages, their health care and pensions. The perturbed new emporer with no clothes has frozen their pay so they won't get paid unless they show up on the senate floor. And this guy is someone the people of Wisconsin are supposed to trust and respect?

These same union workers have already taken pay cuts to help with the deficit in Wisconsin and have shown they are willing to take an active part in the economic recovery of their state. That apparently was not enough. While the Governor is stripping away their ability to have a voice in on-the-job safety standards and pay and pensions, Walker is giving $140 million dollars in tax cuts to corporations.

America is built on the hopes and dreams of hardworking people. The only time America has experienced huge downfalls is when greedy, powerful people have bullied their way into positions of authority.

Taking unfair advantage of workers and intimidating people so they don't have a voice in how they are treated is nothing new. But history and current events have shown us that people want to be free to govern themselves.

Whether this governor was actually voted in or some kind of computerized manipulation occurred to get him in, who knows. Until people can set their own passwords and have a paper trail that assures their privacy and that their vote has been counted accurately software manipulation continues to be a possibility. So who knows if this one governor or these extremists are really representing the majority of people in Wisconsin?

Look, the reason democracy works is because there are a series of checks and balances that prevent any one group or party from taking over and subjecting people to things they don't believe in or agree with. If the policies of politicians don't reflect the will of the people they have a few ways to express themselves peacefully. One way is with their vote, another is through a peaceful demonstration. And another is with the way they spend their money.

This isn't a one party wins all and gets to force everyone to do what they want country. At least not yet.

So bravo to the people of Wisconsin. If Governor Walker doesn't get it maybe everybody should let him know that "We the people," means, we who are all of the people. One party does not get to determine how we are represented because this country is made up of all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions. The very nature of our political system ensures our freedom because in order to get anything done people will need to compromise and choose a wiser middle of the road approach to problem solving through the negotiating process.

This happened in Texas too. These strong arm tactics are intimidating and unfair. The people that use these tactics know it. Guess what. They don't care. But that doesn't mean the people don't have a say. They do. And the people in Wisconsin are letting everyone know that they do not support these policies the republicans are trying to push through.

I think it would be good to know which corporations are going to get a handout to the tune of $140 million. Then if people wanted to they could join the workers of Wisconsin and boycott those companies. Then maybe they would back off and the republicans that clearly represent them would have to do the same. And that would once again give power to the people.

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