Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Times They Are A Changin'

Wisconsin protestors were shown support from all the way across the globe. Egyptians bought the protestors pizza to show their solidarity.
Pizza Delivery From Egypt With Love
Back in Wisconsin Union Workers are determined to let newly elected Governor Scott Walker know that they are not willing to be forced to give away their rights to represent themselves through collective bargaining with his take it or leave it tactics. He is now threatening them with massive state firings. He may wind up being surprised when the workers beat him to the punch and pull an all out strike first.

I guess everybody else in Wisconsin agrees that it is okay for the Senator to give $140 million in tax relief to his corporate sponsors. But the public, at least the ones who are willing to get up off their easy chairs, well, they ain't buyin’ it. Granted, it's a nice club if you can get into it. But most of the people who are going to be on the losing end of Senator Walker's bill aren't going to be rubbing elbows with the high and mighty. Nope. They are going to be home trying to figure out how they can squeeze one more drop out of their limp dollar bill as they try to stay afloat.

The Egyptians, all the way over on the other side of the earth, are working hard to break free from an elitist ruling class and is already setting up a government that is going to consider the needs of all of the Egyptians. That's pretty cool stuff.

While over here network news reports that the two unions that were not included in the attempted castration of union worker's rights were the Police and Firemen's Union. The rest of the unions, you know, those greedy teachers and nurses, were all hit. Taking away the people's right to bargain collectively about safety standards, pensions, health care or wages just ain't right. Corporations have disregarded the safety of their workers in favor of making a profit time and time again. They have too much to gain to give them complete power and control over their workers. And being in such an absolute position of power would create such an imbalance in power that by its very nature the workers would be intimidated by their subordinate position. This too has proved to be a recipe for disaster. These are the very reasons the unions fought hard to become viable and to be recognized.

But today the policemen and the firemen are siding with the demonstrators.
You know what has happened in Cairo? Check out this link....
Hand in Hand
And here's another one....
Looking Out For Each other
That's what I'm talkin' about.

Instead of raising fists at each other we should be reaching out to one another. We have so many serious issues to address. We need to sit and think about our direction.

We have a lot of problems to face. Over-population and birth control and pollution and energy and waste are all issues we all need to address. We have great inventions to create that are going to provide us with energy and clean our water. It is time to see we have more to gain by respecting one another and looking forward to the constructive things we need to do to solve these problems and live well on this earth.

Something else has also been happening in Cairo, Libya....

ah what a difference a day makes....

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the shoe
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and... The Cost Continues to Rise
Libyan forces strike out at the crowd and begin shooting unarmed demonstrators from rooftops and helicopters. Khadafi has also imported mercenaries to kill the citizens of Libya.

And Then People Start Taking Another Look
And Start Thinking for Themselves
Freedom After All Is Everything It Is Cracked Up To Be
You see it in history all of the time. There have always been people who will do anything to take what doesn't belong to them. Maybe it's liberty. Maybe, and usually, it's greed. But those who will do anything but work honestly for a living will ultimately cross the line and do things they will need to keep secret from the masses. And they will have to bribe and offer special favors to ensure loyalties. It's nothing new. It's been going on for thousands of years. Opportunists have always been around. Check out some new posts on this link for some great information. LTSaloon.com

It is a survival instinct to look around and see what we can use to better our chances of survival. But to do this to such an extent that people war against one another or steal from one another... well that's some thing else entirely.

Human nature also reveals through history that everything else eventually falters because of our greater need to rest and be loved and feel safe again.

Some build sand castles with elaborate bridges. And others build great temporary structures only to stomp on them into oblivion.

Every war shows those who want to take what doesn't belong to them speaking with great bravado. And every war shows those at the end, tired of bloodshed, tired of war and wanting only to go home to their families once more.

I'd like to propose this.... let's skip that middle part. Let's have differences and just accept and respect that this is true and let's join together and work to take care of some of the heavy duty problems we are all facing if we don't knock it off and stop picking at old wounds. We have healing to do and work to get done.

If we can't find a way to walk in wisdom.... to look around and use some common sense and see what we need to work on and then....
like Rocky says, we gotta, "Go for it."

Instead of killing one another let's make great musical instruments and sculptures and build solar energy plants and power up passively. And let's grow some thing wonderful and organic. And let's study and figure out how we can better survive and live well in harmony with nature and each other. Look, it isn't impossible. It's no more impossible than the people of the Middle East choosing to govern themselves and respecting one another.


  1. Thanks, Jenn. Yes, it seems democracy really is on the march (and it isn't even March yet), and much sooner than anyone predicted. It still knocks me out that the 'forgotten people' in North Africa and the Middle East have risen up to throw off the chains of tyranny; now they've inspired Americans to do the same. It's a beautiful thing to see. Perhaps we'll even live to see an end to war as a way to settle disputes. We can only hope.

  2. Hope is a wonderful thing. It is the one state of mind that trumps all else. And when it is present, everything else is diminished. The hope that we will all one day get that.... and appreciate this blue lush planet and one another and nurture it all, instead of destroy it.... well that's something wonderful to imagine and hope for.

  3. And what's the alternative -- to annihilate ourselves and bring down as much of the planet as we can on the way out? It seems we are on the cusp of a new Age of Enlightenment that will sweep away the old world of war and misery. No wonder those who profit from suffering are getting so desperate.