Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Might Get Loud

I saw this video in the library called, "It Might Get Loud." The title drew me to it immediately. And then when I saw that the musicians featured were Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack Whte I thought, oh man, I gotta check this out. I've always been into Jimmy Page. Rain is one of my all time favorites. And I had a U2 tape and dug it. And my kids turned me onto White Stripes years ago. And I loved their bare-knuckled, raw, point-blank honesty.

But I didn't know anything about Jack White and how awesome he was. And I didn't know much about how amazing the guitar player and writer Edge was, who plays with U-2. I knew U-2 came from Ireland during a time of intense violence in the streets and saddness was everywhere. And I knew they were activists who sought to help people get to a point where they were ready to reason with one another and live in peace. So I respected that. But I didn't know that Edge was a musical genius. And I didn't know how much of his life and mind was devoted to capturing the sound he heard in his head.

I did know of course, Jimmy Page. There was a time when I spent many a day melting into the dusk and starry night listening to led zeppelin and vibing right along with every note and every beat.

But I had no idea how these three musicians were going to connect and I found the thought of it happening and being able to watch it, totally intriguing.

I really dug the way Jack White talked about when he was younger he wasn't interested in playing the guitar. What was the point he thought, everybody played the guitar. When Jack described that his interest initially had been playing the drums and he described how his small bedroom was, and how it was filled with two drumsets, amps and everything but a bed I thought, this guy so rocks.

When Edge shared how he understood that if he played what he really thought and felt - true - that was good. When he was talking about how, "Getting across what you want to say in as straight forward a way as possible," I thought, wow, what a beautifully pure statement.

Watching Jimmy Page casually picking one of his masterpieces on the mandolin and listening to musicians playing rifs was a blast. And discovering that before led zeppelin, he had quit music for awhile and went back to school to study art, well, that was such a way cool thing to find out. His brilliance and the way he communicated and invented new ways of making sound had long since been something I had greatly admired about him.

I loved this video. The chemistry of each of these individual artists was intense but when they all got together it was down right explosive. I recommend it to everyone who has tipped their toe into the murky waters of creativity and pulled it out forever wet .... yeah, "This Might Get Loud," is a real treat.

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