Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girl Scout and Brownie Event at the Chicago Lighthouse

Coco and I gave a presentation with many other interesting people at The Chicago Lighthouse. We had such fun. And I got a real kick out of the sign! Coco the Super Service Dog! I couldn't agree more. While we were visiting with other presenters Coco relaxed under my chair.
Coco enjoys it when we go up front and she gets to see everybody. Some times we speak at fund raisers on behalf of the Morris Service Dog Program and its sponsors the Ray Graham Association and The United Way. She gets so relaxed she just lays down beside me while I speak. It's too cute.We had such fun at this disability awareness event called, "More Alike Than Different." It was a lovely day thanks to the hard work of Theresa Pacione.
Coco and I gave a little presentation. We met with small groups of the girls with many of their parents. They had wonderful questions to ask and Coco thoroughly enjoyed their attention, as you can see.

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