Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coco, "Up!"

Just when I thought Coco couldn't get any cuter...

Last night she got up in my new bed. With a little boost from me. She curled up by my pillow, like she used to when she was a little puppy, and there with my arm resting over her we fell fast asleep.

In the morning I woke up to Coco standing up on the side of the bed giving me air kisses and putting her head under my hand to give her pets and scratches. She kept this up until it was clear that she wanted me to get up. I thought maybe she had to go out so I got up. At the doorway she howled this beautiful sound. When my feet touched the floor she didn't go toward the kitchen to go out. She went in the other room where she can easily get up on the bed. She picked up a bone and got up on the bed. So I got on the bed and she curled up by my feet and gave me an adorable look. And then she went to sleep.

When I realized what she wanted was to get back in bed and sleep a little while longer and I realized I was also awake now and so I got up. Then I thought, ah hah! I have a low table/storage bench I keep by the closet to sit on to put on my shoes. I moved it over by the bed and giving Coco her new commands we have been working on told her, "Up." She tested the bench to make sure it would hold her or wouldn't move and then got up on the bed.

I mean, how cute is that?!

Have a wonderful day everybody!

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