Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monsanto: Patent for a Pig

I watched a really interesting documentary called Monsanto: Patent for a Pig. I was shocked to know how far their reach into modifying all seed was and also their efforts to patent their genetically engineered seed and now pigs.

They are trying to charge fees for everyone who produces seed, food or livestock that has certain genetic markers in it's makeup.

They are trying to force other countries into complying with them.

And they have gone after family farms to try to force them to use their seed and fertilizer, not just in America either.

And then I thought, if they can go around the world and try to force people into buying genetically engineered seed or product or try to force them to pay fees for these products...then why can't everybody suit them for genetically engineering and basically polluting the food that has been evolving right along with our environment and our bodies for thousands of years? If their pollution can be traced in these products why can't the same information be used to make them stop doing this?

I knew there were companies who wanted to push for bio-engineering grain but I had no idea how far reaching this has become. I remember how disgusted I was when some bigshot with some cereal company in Michigan said, "The people don't care if the wheat or corn we use is genetically modified." The quote was close to that. I remember people from Michigan were so upset that the guy was let go. But I had no idea how these products have been introduced into our food supply without our knowledge or permission.

I don't know about anyone else but I have a hunch that if everyone was asked whether they wanted to eat food that has been altered this way or food that was natural they would say they wanted to eat real, natural, not genetically modified food.

I have always believed that the earth is a living breathing organism which we are a part of, not the center of. We are all connected and always changing. Nothing is ever still or remains the same. There are no empty spaces. It stands to reason that no matter what scientists can do in a laboratory; they are not capable of anticipating how these changes will effect our environment or our health.

Who are these guys? This is what happens when the EPA doesn't function.

When did these people who are supposed to be representing, "the people" sell out? You know what? I don't even care who sold out or how much money it costs mega-corporations like Monsanto to grease the wheels. It is clear that they have been getting away with some serious abuses of power and commerce.

So why should the American taxpayer pay for the EPA if they don't work for them anymore?

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